Energy Audit

Energy audit is applied to existing buildings with the objective of identifying energy efficiency and cost saving opportunities for building systems and its components. Scope of facility energy audits may vary from a basic walk-through to more comprehensive audit that requires in-depth testing, measurement, and calculation. Energy audit will result in energy and water conservation measures or facility improvement measures that can be implement to the building and its systems through low cost/ no cost improvement or capital improvement projects.

Our Energy audit services offers full range of developing, executing, and reporting on audit plans, energy and water audit services, data collection/analysis, benchmark with tools such as Energy Star, and written recommendations of suggested improvements and facility upgrades.

What is the first step towards saving cost and energy in my building?

Hire a qualified energy consultant to perform a walk-through energy audit and benchmark your facility energy use.

Ready to take action?

Our energy engineers can help you with your energy saving goals!